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She's My Baby

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “She's My Baby”

  • I see you workin' through the bead curtain In you kitchen, switchin', leavin' me twitchin' I'm itchin' to be kissin' you, but disciplne is the rule So I sip my orange juice and act cool She irresistible We fool around twice a week, makes me weak Nice, when she put her tongeu in my cheek Not petite, baby got a large physique She take charge, take me were I dare not repeat I got T-T-T-T-like a high hat Planting kisses on your back You like that Mrs X. reputation intact, nobody on my block Know we lock down like that in the next flat But one from whre I live with my mum and uncle John He ain't my uncle an' it's been far too long But me 'n' she been goin' strong almost a year Wait til the coast is clear, I don't boast for fear Of being caught. Maybe w ought to stop, maybe not For now baby gets all I got. Boom! How come we always trash the room? Grab ya clothes Cos ya know someone'll be home soon An' I assume there'll be a need to explain gently Why this mother of three is playin' games with me She's my baby I'm a slave to your outrage Rocket box stiff shocks an' a roll cage Colour coded alloys, much noise, spoilers an' poise Exhaust notes an antidote for old age Yes! Yes! Who got the keys to my R.S. we goin' on a road test Hit the M4 and head west, forever impressed With the sound of my two litre, we cover ground Engine singin' like Anita Baker An' iff I take a corner too quick y' get sick When I do my hand-bake trick, watch me ride Mi broadside slide like a battleship Side-slip puch out mi hip Stick it in gear an' give the gas a blip. It Never fail to bring a grin to the lip, Baby's equipped Me an' she gone clear I got quik rack reduction On the under steer, I been Fairly and squarely discribed as hairy People say my baby is scary Look you takes your money and you takes your schoice I just love to hear my baby's voice She's my baby I roll up for the session, ev'rything in position My friends demonstratin' erudition I listen for a minute before takin' sides Sleepy eyes on the limit sit down an' spin it Like we do every Friday down my way Why play the fool with demon alcohol As a rule my baby gets passed around I don't frown, I love to see my friends gettin' down When it's just me an' she you know it's never precarious But sharin' with ya buddies is hilarious Variously we argua an' disagree an' get heated Hafta tell my people to be seated An' restart the anti-stress process 'Til there's a big mess of twigs an' seeds to meetcha needs An' with that first inhaled hello... Guaranteed mellow She's my baby

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